A Green Hydrogen Technology Company Moves Its Headquarters to Columbus, Ohio

A Green Hydrogen Technology Company Moves Its Headquarters to Columbus, Ohio

Plans to move the headquarters of Hyperion Companies, Inc., a renowned company that deals with green hydrogen technology are already underway. Currently, the headquarters are in Southern California. The new site is appropriate and will provide the needed space to carry out the operation and even add more as more activities are undertaken to improve hydrogen technologies.

To facilitate the migration and put up a new site that will also work as a center for research and development, Hyperion plans to invest over $297 million. The investment will facilitate the manufacture of a modern hydrogen fuel cell. The cell will be used in many applications, including mobile energy storage products, some new types of stationery, and some rumored “hypercar” among many others. The best bit about the establishment is that it will create hundreds of jobs over the next six years or more depending on how the facility grows over time.

Hyperion Company was originally founded in the year 2011 in Columbus and so its return to the place is as good as a come back home. Many other companies have also in the recent past moved to the area. Most of them are hydrogen startups or manufacturers seeking to establish themselves in the rapidly growing hydrogen market. A couple of factors have been identified as possible reasons for the preference of the location over others. One of the factors is the availability of space for future expansion among others.

A report prepared and released by Ernst & Young specifically about power and utilities in the year 2021 indicates that there was a significant increase in investments related to green hydrogen. One of the drivers of the increase is the rise in the dependence on hydrogen by gas utilities. This is also motivated by the desire to transition from the use of carbon-releasing fossil fuels to clean and renewable hydrogen.

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Hyperion’s decision to increase its activities in Columbus will allow it to upscale some of its most important operations. So, for the company, 2022 will be a year of establishing the site and equipping it with the necessary systems and technologies. Once all these are done, Hyperion hopes to begin its operations officially in the year 2023. That’s the time when production, research, and development activities will officially kick-off. The aim is to ensure that the production, as well as supply of green hydrogen, meets the growing demand for the rapidly increasing hydrogen market.

Generally, given the increasing focus on how to tap fully the potential that exists in hydrogen, Hyperion’s move is timely. Most importantly, it will help in the search for reliable technologies that might solve some of the challenges that exist currently.

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