ABB and Green Hydrogen International Forge Partnership for Texas’ Hydrogen City Initiative

ABB and Green Hydrogen International Forge Partnership for Texas’ Hydrogen City Initiative

ABB is joining forces with Green Hydrogen International (GHI) to develop a groundbreaking green hydrogen production facility in South Texas, known as the Hydrogen City project. This collaboration will leverage ABB’s expertise in automation, electrification, and digital technologies to potentially equip the project, aimed at generating 280,000 tons of green hydrogen annually. This hydrogen will then be processed into one million tons of green ammonia each year to meet the growing international demand.

Employing renewable energy sources like solar and wind, the project features a 2.2 GW electrolyzer plant. An innovative aspect of Hydrogen City is its use of underground salt caverns for storing up to 24,000 tons of hydrogen, enhancing energy source stability and reducing hydrogen production costs.

A 120-kilometer pipeline will facilitate the transfer of green hydrogen from the facility to Corpus Christi’s energy port, from where it will be globally exported, particularly targeting markets in Europe and Asia. GHI is exploring partnerships for utilizing this green hydrogen in creating sustainable aviation fuel and e-methane.

ABB’s contribution includes a feasibility study for an electrical system architecture maximizing investment returns and ensuring compliance with international standards like the EU’s Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBO) and the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The integration of ABB’s control and safety systems, alongside its optimization solutions, is set to enhance the facility’s operational efficiency and sustainability.

“We’re thrilled to partner with GHI on the Hydrogen City project, demonstrating our commitment to supporting significant green hydrogen initiatives,” stated Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy Industries. “This collaboration underscores our dedication to facilitating the decarbonization of industries globally and advancing towards a net-zero future.”

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The partnership between ABB and GHI marks a pivotal development in green hydrogen production, with the Hydrogen City project poised to significantly impact the global green ammonia market and contribute to broader decarbonization efforts. Project construction is expected to commence in 2026, with the facility operational by 2030, marking a phased approach to expanding production in line with market demand.

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