Algeria Set to Launch Four Green Hydrogen Pilot Projects by End of 2024

Algeria has revealed plans to initiate four pilot projects for the production of green hydrogen by the end of 2024. This announcement was made by Miloud Medjelled, Head of the Research Department at the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in a statement to the state-owned news agency, Algeria Press Service, during the ERA Exhibition in Oran, located on the country’s northwestern coast. Medjelled explained that these projects are being developed in collaboration with universities and research centers.

While one or two of these projects are scheduled for launch by the end of 2023, the remaining initiatives are slated to commence in 2024. Among the projects, three are under the auspices of Algeria’s state-owned energy company, Sonatrach, while the fourth project is expected to be executed in partnership with German counterparts.

Medjelled emphasized that Sonatrach aims to employ green hydrogen in gas turbines through these projects and test the viability of transporting hydrogen via pipelines, as Algeria aspires to export this eco-friendly resource to Europe.

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