Amnah Consortium’s $6 Billion Green Hydrogen Project in Oman Sets Ambitious Path for Renewable Energy

Amnah, a multinational consortium consisting of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), Blue Power Partners (BPP), and Al Khadra, has secured the first land block (Z1-01) in Oman’s green hydrogen industry. The project, situated in Duqm and encompassing a 320 sq km area, aims to establish downstream elements at the Port of Duqm. With a total estimated investment of $6 billion, the venture is set to be a groundbreaking renewable energy project on an unprecedented scale.

CIP, as the primary member of the consortium, will lead the project, leveraging its expertise as a fund manager specializing in renewable energy investments. The consortium anticipates attracting additional partners with diverse skill sets to contribute to the project’s successful implementation.

The magnitude of the undertaking is immense, as emphasized by Karsten Plauborg, Partner at Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. The project’s scale necessitates meticulous planning and unwavering commitment. The anticipated capacity of 215,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of green hydrogen underscores the significant renewable energy output that will be achieved.

To ensure the project’s success, securing offtake agreements with customers, particularly new steel plants in Duqm, is crucial for both financing and early project milestones. Amnah aims to support localization efforts and promote In-Country Value (ICV) development, aligning with the Omani government’s focus on these aspects. This includes facilitating research programs, providing educational training, and fostering competence development.

In the upcoming period, the consortium will focus on firming up the development plan, identifying critical project paths, resolving offtake dependencies, conducting wind and solar measurement campaigns, and engaging with banks to address potential bankability issues. A comprehensive pre-FEED and post-FEED process will be undertaken before reaching a Final Investment Decision (FID).

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The Amnah Consortium’s ambitious green hydrogen project in Oman signifies a significant step towards renewable energy adoption. With its substantial investment, commitment to localization, and focus on partnerships and offtake agreements, the project is poised to make a transformative impact on Oman’s clean energy landscape and contribute to the global shift toward sustainable energy solutions.

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