Ballard Power Systems Launches Revolutionary Ninth-Generation Fuel Cell Engine at ACT Expo

Ballard Power Systems Launches Revolutionary Ninth-Generation Fuel Cell Engine at ACT Expo

Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) has introduced its latest innovation, the FCmove®-XD, marking the ninth generation of its high-performance fuel cell engines. This unveiling occurred at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where Ballard is showcasing the new product at Booth 1821 from May 20-23, 2024.

Mircea Gradu, Ballard’s Chief Engineering Officer, emphasized the company’s dedication to enhancing the economic benefits for heavy-duty mobility customers. “The FCmove®-XD sets a new industry standard for PEM fuel cell engine performance through significant enhancements in reliability, durability, efficiency, power density, and total cost of ownership,” said Gradu.

The FCmove®-XD stands out with the highest volumetric power density for heavy-duty applications in the industry, boasting an engine volumetric power density of 0.36 kW/L and a gravimetric power density of 0.48 kW/kg. This scalable 120 kW fuel cell engine offers a regulated DC/DC output, allowing up to three modules to function as a unified system with a total output of 360 kW.

Designed for a lifespan exceeding 30,000 hours—or over one million miles in truck operations—the FCmove®-XD is engineered for exceptional durability and low ownership costs. Its open architecture and other design advancements contribute to various performance improvements over previous generations, including a 120 kW power output from a high-performance single stack, a 33% reduction in parts count, and system efficiency exceeding 60%, enhancing fuel economy and heat rejection.

The integrated power controller within the FCmove®-XD, which includes a DC/DC converter, air compressor inverter, and power distribution unit, paired with proprietary software controls, optimizes engine operation and efficiency. Additionally, the engine features rapid transient response times and a hot standby mode for quick power ramp-ups.

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Silvano Pozzi, Vice President of Product Line Management at Ballard, highlighted the scalability of the FCmove®-XD based on modularity, which facilitates efficient integration of power solutions ranging from 120 kW to 360 kW depending on the truck class and usage requirements. “Our new FCmove®-XD engine can be seamlessly installed in Class 8 heavy-duty trucks, providing optimal standardization and redundancy,” said Pozzi.

Ballard’s commitment to innovation and supply chain collaboration has culminated in the FCmove®-XD becoming a category leader, offering enhanced performance metrics at significantly reduced capital and operating costs. The initial customer response to the pre-launch has been overwhelmingly positive.

Ballard plans to commence manufacturing the FCmove®-XD at its Oregon facility to comply with “Buy America” standards starting in 2025, with future expansions planned for high-volume production at Ballard Rockwall Giga 1, a new gigafactory in Rockwall, Texas.

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