Deep Wind Offshore and Hydepoint Join Forces to Pioneer Offshore Hydrogen Production from Wind Energy

Deep Wind Offshore and Hydepoint Join Forces to Pioneer Offshore Hydrogen Production from Wind Energy

Deep Wind Offshore, a leading Norway-based offshore wind project developer, has announced a strategic collaboration with Hydepoint to venture into the realm of offshore hydrogen production, utilizing the power of offshore wind.

This partnership aligns with the European Union’s ambitious goal to produce 200 million tonnes of hydrogen from renewable energy sources by 2030. In support of this target, the European Commission has unveiled an action plan emphasizing significant growth in wind power to meet its climate objectives. The plan stipulates the installation of a combined 500 GW of offshore and onshore wind power by the end of the decade.

The collaboration between Deep Wind Offshore and Hydepoint is driven by the recognition that offshore wind is set to become a major contributor to renewable energy. However, existing power grids are currently not equipped to handle the substantial and fluctuating power outputs anticipated from renewable sources.

Offshore hydrogen production, derived from offshore wind, presents a solution to these challenges. It offers the dual benefits of reducing the need for extensive grid investments while also providing a renewable product that can be transported to distant demand centers.

Elin Steinsland, CEO of Hydepoint, emphasized the potential of integrating offshore wind and hydrogen production early in the project development phase. This approach can optimize the combined asset’s value and minimize reliance on existing infrastructure upgrades. “In addition, the time it takes to start production of green hydrogen offshore can be significantly reduced by planning the wind farm and the hydrogen processing plant in parallel,” Steinsland noted.

Hydepoint, co-owned by Kongsberg, Moreld, and Arendals Fossekompani, is a trailblazer in offshore hydrogen production. The company boasts innovative designs for offshore units that house both a substation and a hydrogen production unit. These range from smaller bottom-fixed units to larger 500 MW bottom-fixed and floating units.

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Deep Wind Offshore, under the ownership of Knutsen Gruppen, Haugaland Kraft, Sunnhordland Kraftlag, and Octopus Energy, operates out of Haugesund and is an international developer and owner of offshore wind projects. The company boasts an impressive pipeline of over 10 GW, including 2 GW under exclusive development in South Korea. Recently, Deep Wind Offshore also submitted a permit application for a wind farm off the coast of Sweden, potentially featuring up to 70 wind turbines.

Knut Vassbotn, CEO of Deep Wind Offshore, highlighted the strategic advantages of producing hydrogen offshore. “By situating hydrogen production close to offshore wind farms, we can construct these farms further out to sea, steering clear of conflicted areas while boosting utilization and profitability. This concept holds immense potential in several of our current and upcoming markets, including Sweden,” he said.

This innovative partnership between Deep Wind Offshore and Hydepoint marks a significant step forward in harnessing the synergy between offshore wind and hydrogen production, positioning the companies at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.

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