Egypt Might Soon Boast of the Biggest Hydrogen Facility in the World

Egypt Might Soon Boast of the Biggest Hydrogen Facility in the World

In a move that has been interpreted as a strategy to position herself as a country with the largest green H2 facility in the world, Egypt has signed a partnership with Plug Power, a renowned manufacturer. The agreement will see Plug Power provide an electrolyzer for a green H2 project in Egypt. So far, analyses by leading firms and even news reporters indicate that the electrolyzer might be the world’s largest in many aspects.        

Given the number of investments and growing interest in the production, storage, transportation, and use of green H2, there is no doubt that, indeed, hydrogen power is the fuel of the future. Currently, research shows that green ammonia that’s produced from renewable energy such as wind and solar is something to watch. More precisely, green ammonia is a versatile product and is the best method of transporting and storing hydrogen. For this reason, investing in projects related to green ammonia will undoubtedly help in reducing the release of carbon into the atmosphere.

Many big companies have already expressed intentions to join in making the project a reality. For instance, Fertiglobe-chemicals giant, Scatec ASA, Orascom Construction, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company among others are some of the major players. They will be using Plug Power’s electrolyzer and its technologies to produce green H2. With these companies committing their resources to the project, it is expected that the production of ammonia in Ain Sokhna, Egypt will hit a whopping 90,000 tons, a level that no other project in the world has managed so far.

According to the partnership agreement, Orascom Construction Company will be in charge of the local works. The activities will be centered on the production of green ammonia. The project’s location in Egypt is based on the existence of many renewable energy sources capable of boosting the efforts to transition from the use of carbon-emitting sources to green and sustainable sources.

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While speaking about the project, the CEO of the Sovereign Fund of Egypt, Ayman Soliman said, “The project reflects Egypt’s vision 2030, which welcomes the idea of embracing the green economy as part of development…” In another statement, Raymond Carlsen, the CEO of Scatec Solar expressed his company’s pleasure to be part of the efforts. “This is a key milestone in pushing the green power agenda,” he added.

Construction is expected to be fast-tracked to help Egypt realize its dream of having the facility showcased at the COP27 that will take place in Egypt in November 2022. The event is expected to highlight Egypt’s efforts and achievements as a supporter of the push for the production and use of clean energy instead of fossil fuel sources.

Arguably, with everything already set and the strategic partnership already signed, there is no doubt that the project is something to watch. It is expected that it will be a game-changer both in the region and worldwide. It adds to the many projects across the world that are supported and executed by big brands. Indeed, the energy markets are set to change.

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