Fueling the Future: Plug Power’s Thrust in the Green Hydrogen Sector

In late September, Germany and England joined forces to propel the industry forward with green h2. Combined with a series of other initiatives, Plug sees this declaration as an encouraging signal for the development of the green hydrogen sector. Determined to usher in an era of sustainable energy, the two governments championed low-carbon hydrogen as a cornerstone of their respective energy landscapes. This united front signals a resolute commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future for both nations and the world at large.

Plug Power and Sustainable Hydrogen Solutions

Plug Power, founded in the United States in 1997, is a key player in the green hydrogen solutions market in North America, Europe, and beyond. Plug is, therefore, very attentive to transnational initiatives supporting the sector. Plug focuses on providing clean, efficient, and reliable hydrogen solutions for a variety of applications, including material handling, stationary power, and on-road vehicles.

Plug’s commitment to sustainability contributes to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition towards green energy alternatives, making it an ideal partner to both the private and public sectors as the global push for decarbonisation moves forward.

Comprehensive Green Hydrogen System

With unique end-to-end industry expertise, Plug’s products and solutions span across the entire hydrogen value chain. Not only do we manufacture electrolysers and fuel cells, but we are also building a complete green hydrogen ecosystem, from the generation of the hydrogen molecule to end-market hydrogen applications, such as forklifts and hydrogen vans:

We produce and liquefy hydrogen.
We transport hydrogen from its production sites to our clients with trailer solutions.
We store and handle hydrogen with our integrated turnkey handling systems.
We dispense hydrogen.
We use hydrogen.
Plug initially gained prominence in the North American material handling sector, providing hydrogen fuel cell solutions for forklifts and other warehouse equipment. Our success in this market, with the support of our high-profile clients, allowed us to build robust expertise in the use of fuel cells for material handling. Fifteen years of experience has taught us much, allowing us to expand into other global markets, such as commercial mobility trucks and stationary power generation.

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Expanding into Europe

As Plug continues to expand in North America, we are proud to have built a gigafactory in Rochester, New York, for building fuel cells and electrolysers. In addition, we have established a series of production sites in the US, while also progressing into Europe. Building strong partnerships based on Plug’s experience to realize Europe’s decarbonization objectives.

Challenges in the Green Hydrogen Sector and Cooperation in Action

While the German/UK agreement is yet another encouraging signal coming out of Europe, there is still a way to go. Regulatory elements, such as the definition of green hydrogen set out in the delegated act adopted last summer, could be more industry-friendly. It is a challenge that we will have to overcome. Nonetheless, there is a growing favorable political environment in the EU with a clear push for green hydrogen in the framework of the Green Deal, as well as in European countries, where we see flourishing hydrogen strategies.

Plug’s Collaborative Efforts: Hyvia and the Antwerp Green Hydrogen Plant

In 2021, Plug established Hyvia, a joint venture with Groupe Renault to offer a complete ecosystem of green hydrogen mobility solutions, including hydrogen supply, hydrogen refueling stations, vehicles, services, and maintenance. Additionally, Hyvia is a key hydrogen demand vector for Plug’s green hydrogen solutions, requiring the deployment of a robust territorial hydrogen network.

In Antwerp, Plug is placing its first building block in Europe for hydrogen production. We are developing one of the largest green hydrogen plants in Europe there based on our PEM electrolyser technology. Our 100MW plant is expected to produce 12,500 tonnes per year of liquid and gaseous green hydrogen for the European market.

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Plug has called for political action to turn the German-Danish hydrogen pipeline into reality by 2028. In November of this year, Plug signed a joint declaration at the German-Danish Green Hydrogen Summit in Copenhagen, calling for political action to turn the German-Danish hydrogen pipeline into reality by 2028.

Plug is a team player, engaged in Europe to play a key role in the fight against climate change and towards decarbonisation. We have established strong partnerships with key players and are committed to further developing our initiatives and contributing to making green hydrogen an industrial reality in Europe.

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