Geely’s Green Methanol Venture in Inner Mongolia: A Bold Step Towards Sustainable Energy Production

Geely, the renowned Chinese automotive giant, is poised to launch an ambitious green methanol project in Inner Mongolia, heralding a major advancement in eco-friendly energy production. Under the aegis of Inner Mongolia Liquid Sunshine Energy Technology, a Geely subsidiary, the project has gained approvals for a pioneering facility. Initially, this plant aims for a production capacity of 500,000 tonnes annually, utilizing wind and solar energy. What makes this initiative groundbreaking is its potential to expand up to an astounding 100 million tonnes per year, potentially transforming the global methanol production industry.

The primary objective of Geely’s subsidiary is to develop a green methanol production plant. This initiative addresses the environmental issues associated with conventional methanol production methods, which predominantly depend on fossil fuels. The project’s vision goes beyond immediate construction goals, setting sights on a future capacity that could match the current worldwide methanol production. This represents a major step forward in the transition towards sustainable practices.

At the core of this ambitious project is the strategic use of wind and solar power to fuel the initial phase of producing 500,000 tonnes of methanol per year. It is anticipated that achieving this would require at least 1GW of electrolysers for green hydrogen production, a key ingredient in the creation of green methanol. While the exact electrolysis capacity for the facility is not yet disclosed, the focus on renewable energy underscores a dedication to a greener and more efficient production methodology.

Geely’s green methanol initiative, if realized, could significantly alter the landscape of global methanol production, setting a new precedent in the industry’s movement towards environmentally conscious energy solutions.

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