GKN Aerospace Leads HyFIVE Consortium to Forge Cryogenic Hydrogen Systems for Aviation

GKN Aerospace Leads HyFIVE Consortium to Forge Cryogenic Hydrogen Systems for Aviation

In an ambitious move towards a sustainable future, GKN Aerospace has forged a partnership with key industry and academic leaders including Marshall, Parker Meggitt, and universities like Manchester, Bath, and Cardiff, forming the HyFIVE consortium. This collaboration represents a critical step in GKN Aerospace’s mission to develop a comprehensive cryogenic hydrogen systems supply chain, essential for the aircraft of the future. With a £40 million programme, bolstered by both industry and government investments and the support of the UK Aerospace Technology Institute, HyFIVE is poised to innovate in the realm of liquid hydrogen fuel systems for aviation.

GKN Aerospace brings its specialized expertise in cryogenic hydrogen systems and aircraft structures to the consortium, enhancing the deep fuel system knowledge of Marshall and Parker. The consortium aims to overcome the significant challenges of hydrogen fuel systems in aviation, such as technical hurdles, safety concerns, certification, and industrialization, setting the stage for a fully integrated hydrogen fuel system ground demonstration.

As the aviation sector commits to net-zero emissions by 2050, hydrogen propulsion stands out as a key decarbonization strategy. GKN Aerospace is dedicated to advancing these essential technologies through the HyFIVE initiative, aiming to secure a greener aviation industry and opening new market avenues within the UK. Max Brown, VP Technology at GKN Aerospace, emphasizes the programme’s complement to their hydrogen electric propulsion project, H2GEAR, highlighting the robust technological path HyFIVE paves for regional aircraft powered by hydrogen and beyond. This unique blend of industrial and academic prowess marks a major leap towards achieving aviation sustainability.

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