Green Hydrogen’s Potential An Expert Explains Why We Need It

Green Hydrogen’s Potential: An Expert Explains Why We Need It

Arguably, almost every sustainability enthusiast believes that it is time to tap green H2’s potential. So, is it time to allow hydrogen to help us tackle the problem associated with the use of fossil fuels? Well, this is a question that requires great insights from energy experts and analysts. Indeed, the whole thing about green hydrogen is not a simple aspect. While it has received great support/funding from many countries and big companies, there is a lot to learn about it. Dr. Emanuele Taibi has answered some of the pertinent questions that people ask about green H2. He is the head of the Power Sector Transformation Strategies at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

In a recent interview with the world economic forum, Dr. Taibi explained what he and his team are doing to contribute to the global energy transition. In his remarks, he highlighted how hydrogen stands out as a sustainable, renewable, and clean energy option. It’s from these bases that he builds a case that promotes hydrogen as the option that will make it possible to reach zero emissions in a few years to come. There is, however, a lot to do before the higher goals can be achieved and fossil fuels completely replaced.

Dr. Taibi’s first argument about green H2 is that it could be an enabler of the transition to sustainable and renewable energy. This is particularly important considering the efforts and desire to have net-zero emission industries and economies around the world. So, tapping into green H2’s potential might be all that is needed to tackle the challenges that have existed over the decades. But why hydrogen and not any other alternative? Well, it is abundant and both the production as well as the use does not emit any harmful by-product, unlike fossil fuel sources.

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“Hydrogen has also emerged as a leading option for storing energy…,” said Dr. Taibi as he explained why everyone is optimistic about it and willing to give it a try. He further explained how hydrogen-based fuel is useful when it comes to transporting renewable energy over long distances. That means it can be utilized in instances where there is a need to move such energy from areas that have it abundantly to where it is scarce and needed for use. That’s what some projects are exploring as the world delves deeper into how hydrogen can be made the energy source of the present, future, and most importantly, as a clean alternative to fossil fuel sources.

While describing the various hydrogen technologies, Dr. Taibi expressed how various production methods can produce “green” “grey” and “blue” hydrogen. In some instances, it can also be pink or yellow. However, it is worth noting that the only climate-friendly type is green hydrogen. Preliminary results from research and even tests indicate that the green H2 can easily be produced in a manner that will make it easy to realize zero emissions by as early as 2050 if all goes well. All that is remaining now is for players in the industry to accelerate the production and research to come up with technologies, especially around production methods.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Taibi summarized the things that are necessary to reduce carbon emissions in the coming years. They are, energy efficiency, acceleration of renewable energy production and the scaling up of projects related to green energy. These are the areas he described as game changers if explored well.

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