Hexagon Purus Maritime Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Hydrogen Fuel Systems in Shipping

Hexagon Purus Maritime Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Hydrogen Fuel Systems in Shipping

Hexagon Purus Maritime, a subsidiary fully owned by Hexagon Purus, is relocating to a new facility in Ålesund to accommodate the surging demand for its cutting-edge hydrogen storage solutions tailored for maritime applications. Leading the charge in the development of comprehensive hydrogen fuel systems for vessels, Hexagon Purus Maritime specializes in Type 4 high-pressure cylinders, offering a sustainable solution for the maritime industry’s push towards decarbonization.

Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus, highlighted the anticipated growth in demand for hydrogen fuel systems as the shipping industry accelerates its efforts to cut carbon emissions. “Compressed hydrogen emerges as the prime choice for achieving zero emissions in shipping scenarios where battery solutions fall short. This is particularly relevant for ships on short and predictable routes, such as passenger ferries, inland or coastal cargo ships, and vessels serving offshore wind farms and fish farming operations,” Holum elaborated.

The company’s new headquarters in the Devold factory in Ålesund offers 450 square meters of office space, complemented by a 150 square meter workshop, with potential for future expansion. Hexagon Purus Maritime’s team currently consists of 9 dedicated employees.

Among its ongoing projects, Hexagon Purus Maritime is constructing hydrogen fuel systems for the training vessel SKULEBAS for Hvide Sande Shipyard, as well as for the pioneering hydrogen-powered workboat for fish farming developed for Moen Marin, the leading global provider of workboats to the aquaculture sector.

“Hexagon Purus Maritime delivers comprehensive hydrogen fuel systems for maritime vessels, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change through emission-free operations. The Devold factory’s rich history in green energy and technology makes it an ideal backdrop for our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” commented Robert Haugen, Managing Director of Hexagon Purus Maritime.

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Over the past year, Hexagon Purus has inaugurated new production sites for hydrogen storage systems in Weeze, Germany, hydrogen cylinders in Kassel, Germany, battery systems in Kelowna, Canada, and hydrogen cylinders in Westminster, Maryland, USA, underscoring its role as a leader in the renewable energy sector.

The adoption of green hydrogen within the maritime sector is pivotal to diminishing global GHG emissions. With projections indicating that green hydrogen could fulfill up to 25% of the global energy demand by 2050, Hexagon Purus Maritime’s advancements come at a critical time for the industry’s ecological transition.




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