India Expected To Be a World Leader in the Production and Export of Green H2

Going by global energy trends, there is a great chance that India can be a world leader in the production as well as export of green H2 and related products. As the world tries to shift from carbon-emitting energy sources into cleaner options, countries are investing in different alternatives. While there are many options including sun, hydro, wind and biofuels, the attention currently is on green H2.      

Interestingly, as the world explores hydrogen as a possible source of energy that might help minimize the impact of excess carbon emitted and climate change, different trends are emerging with time. But that’s not all! The political landscape is also changing in favor of renewable and clean green hydrogen. Countries are formulating plans on how to tap green H2. The areas of focus currently include finding sufficient capital and the development of the right production, storage and transport technologies. 

Notably, nations around the world have different strengths, natural resources, capital and access to technologies. This means that they are not all placed on an equal footing when it comes to the production and use of renewable energy. Some, especially if well-endowed and have financial strengths, will produce and export the product. 

It is projected that some countries, including India, will have the potential to produce energy from green H2 that meets their demands. Still, they will even have more to export. Why is that the case? Well, each of these countries has its uniqueness/strengths. It’s from these strengths that they will be major beneficiaries in the new global energy trade. 

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“The abundance of water and solar irradiance in India is what gives us an advantage,” said Jitendra Singh, India’s science and technology minister in September 2021 while speaking in a climate summit that was organized by the PHD chamber of commerce and industry. It is also worth noting India has a geographic advantage.  

“The world is looking at India as a nation and we have to play a leading role,” he added.  So, with its huge population and the advantage when it comes to the production and use of green hydrogen, there’s a chance that it might be a world leader. 

Whether or not India succeeds in this quest depends on many factors. PM Modi has already expressed his confidence in his country’s ability to produce and export green Hydrogen. “Green hydrogen is the future for us the whole world…,” he said in his speech made during Independence Day. 

Other factors held constant, India is aiming to achieve self-reliance in the production and use of energy by the year 2047. It is expected that green hydrogen will play a pivotal role in this quest. India’s National Hydrogen Mission is working to make it a reality.

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