Lhyfe Unveils State-of-the-Art Green Hydrogen Facility in Brittany

Renowned for its expertise in green renewable hydrogen, Lhyfe has recently inaugurated its cutting-edge green hydrogen production facility, Lhyfe Bretagne, nestled in Buléon. A groundbreaking establishment, this site marks a first in Brittany and stands among the two largest in France, alongside the Lhyfe Occitanie facility. Lhyfe Bretagne strategically aims to cater primarily to the hydrogen needs of local transportation and industrial processes, with Lorient Agglomération being the inaugural beneficiary in the Brittany region. The facility plays a pivotal role in the VHyGO (Great West Hydrogen Valley) initiative, championed by ADEME, designed to foster green hydrogen endeavors.

Coming two years after the establishment of its initial site in Pays de la Loire and a week post the introduction of Lhyfe Occitanie, the inauguration of Lhyfe Bretagne underscores the company’s commitment to large-scale industrial deployment. With five additional sites already in progress or expansion across Europe, these new facilities in Brittany and Occitanie, each boasting five times the production capacity of the original site, align seamlessly with the surging market demand for green and renewable hydrogen. Lhyfe envisions achieving a robust production capacity of up to 80 tons per day (tpd) by the year 2026.

The inauguration serves as the commencement of Brittany’s hydrogen fuel chain, with Lorient Agglomération slated to unveil its first hydrogen-powered services in the first quarter of 2024.

Strategically located near the VSB Energies Nouvelles wind farm in Buléon (Morbihan), Lhyfe Bretagne is poised to produce up to two tpd of green and renewable hydrogen, equivalent to 575 tons per year (with an installed electrolysis capacity of 5 MW). Noteworthy is the fact that two tons of this green hydrogen have the potential to power a hydrogen truck for approximately 25,000 km, emitting zero carbon dioxide. Alternatively, this quantity could enable a car to circumnavigate the earth five times or cover a distance of approximately 200,000 km. Lhyfe ensures the carbon-free nature of its hydrogen by sourcing renewable electricity through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with producers like VSB Energies Nouvelles.

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The strategic positioning of Lhyfe Bretagne facilitates efficient supply to customers across the Brittany region, adhering to a short supply chain approach.

As part of the VHyGO initiative, Lhyfe Bretagne will play a pivotal role in establishing two HyGO filling stations in the Lorient urban area. One station, set to open in the first quarter of 2024, will be located at the Lorient bus depot, while the other, positioned on the left bank of the river Scorff, will cater to maritime needs. The hydrogen produced by Lhyfe Bretagne is earmarked to power 19 buses and two passenger transport boats (Transrades) in the Lorient conurbation, making these hydrogen-powered Transrades a pioneering initiative in France. Lorient Agglomération is actively advancing ecological transition goals by modernizing its public transport fleet, aiming for a clean vehicle fleet by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Spanning approximately 6800 m3, Lhyfe Bretagne encompasses containerized buildings dedicated to various functions, including driver reception, control room, electrical conversion, water electrolysis, compression, and quality control, among others. The site also features designated areas for truck circulation and loading bays for transporting hydrogen to filling stations and diverse customers.

Matthieu Guesné, Founder and CEO of Lhyfe, expressed pride in the inauguration of the Buléon site, emphasizing its pivotal role in decarbonizing industry and mobility in the region. Guesné remarked, “We are very proud to be working with our public and private partners to help build a new industry for the future in Brittany and to offer local stakeholders a viable alternative to fossil fuels from 2024.” This development signifies a significant stride toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, aligning with the global transition towards cleaner energy solutions.

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