MITSUI E&S and MAN Energy Solutions Achieve Maritime Milestone with Hydrogen-Powered Engine Test

MITSUI E&S and MAN Energy Solutions Achieve Maritime Milestone with Hydrogen-Powered Engine Test

In a pioneering step for the maritime industry, MAN Energy Solutions’ licensee, MITSUI E&S Co. Ltd., has successfully conducted a full-load test on a 50-bore MAN B&W two-stroke engine operating solely on hydrogen at its Tamano facility. This marks the first instance worldwide where a large marine two-stroke engine has been powered by hydrogen, signifying a significant advancement towards zero-emission shipping.

The test, a collaborative effort with MAN Energy Solutions, involved converting one of the four cylinders of an existing MAN B&W ME-GI (Gas Injection) engine to run on hydrogen, utilizing a hydrogen gas-supply system developed by MITSUI in 2023. The engine exhibited stable performance under various loads and conditions, achieving up to 100% load with successful hydrogen combustion. Notably, the tests demonstrated potential greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 95%, attributable to the use of a pilot fuel during the operation.

MITSUI’s statement highlighted the achievement as a critical step forward in realizing a zero-emission maritime future fueled by green hydrogen. Gunnar Stiesch, Chief Technical Officer at MAN Energy Solutions, praised the initiative as a remarkable contribution to the industry’s decarbonization efforts, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to exploring hydrogen’s potential across both two- and four-stroke engine segments.

Brian Østergaard Sørensen, Vice President and Head of Research & Development for Two-Stroke Business at MAN Energy Solutions, remarked on the exploratory project’s insightful nature and its implications for future maritime propulsion solutions. Bjarne Foldager, Country Manager for Denmark at MAN Energy Solutions, expressed satisfaction with the project’s outcomes, underscoring the flexibility and future readiness of two-stroke engine technology for hydrogen fuel.

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Thomas S. Hansen, Head of Sales and Promotion at MAN Energy Solutions, highlighted the inherent adaptability of MAN B&W-branded engines for easy retrofitting to accommodate different fuel types, including hydrogen. This milestone not only reinforces hydrogen’s viability as a maritime fuel but also positions MAN Energy Solutions and its partners at the forefront of industry innovation, ready to respond to market developments and contribute further to the global decarbonization journey.

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