Nilsson Energy Launches New Green Hydrogen Filling Station in Nykvarn, Expanding Sustainable Transport Infrastructure

Nilsson Energy Launches New Green Hydrogen Filling Station in Nykvarn, Expanding Sustainable Transport Infrastructure

Nilsson Energy, a pioneering company in the green energy sector, has commenced the construction of a cutting-edge hydrogen filling station located strategically along the E20 highway, near the Nykvarn exit. Slated for commissioning in the summer of 2024, this facility will exclusively offer green hydrogen, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable fuel alternatives.

The groundbreaking ceremony was marked by the presence of Malin Ehrle, Head of Projects at Nilsson Energy, and Anders Önbäck, Chairman of the Nykvarn municipal board. This new filling station in Nykvarn, a burgeoning growth municipality situated east of Södertälje and a crucial junction for heavy transport, presents an opportunity to significantly reduce the environmental footprint in the region.

Roger Göthberg, CEO of Nilsson Energy, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Nykvarn municipality. “Our partnership with Nykvarn has been exemplary. We are thrilled to contribute to the municipality’s forward-thinking growth by providing essential infrastructure for refueling hydrogen-powered vehicles,” he said.

Anders Önbäck, commenting on Nilsson Energy’s role in the green energy revolution, remarked, “It is inspiring to witness Nilsson Energy’s commitment to actualizing a sustainable future. I eagerly anticipate the impact of this hydrogen filling station on our community’s environmental footprint and its role in shaping a sustainable society.”

Nilsson Energy’s venture in Nykvarn is part of a larger initiative that includes establishing a hydrogen filling station at Port 6 in the Port of Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s most intense trucking hubs. Additionally, the company is known for establishing Sweden’s first public hydrogen filling station in Mariestad in 2018.

Malin Ehrle, who has been spearheading the project since early 2022, oversees the development of both hydrogen filling stations. She shared her optimism about the progress, stating, “We are excited to commence the groundwork in Nykvarn, which we expect to complete by early June. Following this phase, we’ll begin installing and commissioning all necessary equipment. If all goes according to plan, we anticipate our first customer will be able to refuel with hydrogen later this summer.”

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Nilsson Energy’s initiatives underscore its commitment to advancing sustainable transport solutions, making significant strides in building a green infrastructure that supports the transition to eco-friendly transportation.

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