Norwegian Hydrogen and Provaris Energy Strengthen Ties to Accelerate Hydrogen Export Development in the Nordics

Norwegian Hydrogen and Provaris Energy Strengthen Ties to Accelerate Hydrogen Export Development in the Nordics

Norwegian Hydrogen and Provaris Energy are enhancing their partnership to fast-track the creation of new hydrogen export facilities throughout the Nordic region. This collaboration builds on the foundations laid by their joint efforts in previous projects like the successful FjordH2 initiative completed in 2023. The companies are currently assessing multiple sites across the Nordics to develop a robust portfolio of hydrogen production projects.

The partnership focuses on designing projects that are both energy and capital efficient, aiming to supply green hydrogen to European industries as part of Europe’s comprehensive decarbonization strategy. Provaris Energy Ltd and Norwegian Hydrogen AS have formalized their collaboration through a new agreement to identify and develop several sites for large-scale hydrogen production and export to European markets.

The planned projects will utilize local renewable energy sources to produce hydrogen for export to European industrial consumers, aligning with various European Union funding opportunities. The strategic selection of sites with strong infrastructure ensures the integration of advanced electrolyzers and hydrogen compression systems with export facilities. Provaris’ innovative H2Neo carriers will be responsible for hydrogen transport, while the H2Leo barge will be used for storage, further promoting circular economies by reusing by-products in local industries and heating systems.

As they expand their network of production and distribution sites across the Nordics, the focus is not only on minimizing emissions but also on capitalizing on the region’s potential for hydrogen export. The technology provided by Provaris enables the transportation of hydrogen in its gaseous form directly from Nordic producers to European consumers, bypassing the need for intermediate derivatives like e-methanol or green ammonia.

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The CEOs of both companies, Jens Berge of Norwegian Hydrogen and Martin Carolan of Provaris, underscore the strategic importance of this collaboration in their plans for 2024. They are set to conduct pre-feasibility studies on selected sites, focusing on production logistics, safety, and compliance with environmental and regulatory standards. Provaris is also progressing with its H2Neo carrier, with prototype testing underway in Norway and construction approvals expected by mid-2024. This initiative marks a significant step towards fulfilling the increasing demand for green hydrogen in the European market, particularly from German utilities and other industrial sectors.

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