Plug Power Launches US’ Largest Liquid Green Hydrogen Plant, Advancing Hydrogen Ecosystem

Plug Power has achieved a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector by initiating operations at the United States’ largest liquid green hydrogen production facility. This groundbreaking plant not only stands as the largest of its kind in terms of electrolytic liquid hydrogen production but also features the largest deployment of PEM electrolyzers in the country, marking a key moment in Plug Power’s development of a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem.

This facility is a showcase for Plug Power’s cutting-edge electrolyzer technology, offering tangible proof of its capability to produce sustainable fuel reliably.

Located in Woodbine, Georgia, the plant boasts a production capacity of 15 tons per day (TPD) of liquid electrolytic hydrogen. This volume is sufficient to power roughly 15,000 forklifts each day. The process involves splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using eight 5-megawatt (MW) PEM electrolyzers. The hydrogen gas is then liquefied at an ultra-cold -423 ˚F (-252.8 ˚C) for distribution to various hydrogen fueling stations through Plug’s logistics network, utilizing the company’s specialized cryogenic trailers.

This new addition significantly enhances Plug’s existing liquid hydrogen supply chain, which serves a diverse range of customers in material handling, fuel cell electric vehicle fleets, and stationary power applications. The company anticipates that this expansion into liquid hydrogen production, alongside its ongoing gaseous hydrogen production, will positively affect its financial performance and contribute to further growth in fuel margins.

The Woodbine facility represents a key component in Plug Power’s broader strategy to establish a vertically integrated green hydrogen ecosystem. This comprehensive approach encompasses producing, liquefying, storing, and transporting hydrogen, positioning Plug as a one-stop solution provider in the green hydrogen industry. The expansion of its global hydrogen network enables customers from various industries to integrate hydrogen seamlessly into their operations.

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The rising demand for green hydrogen, recognized as a vital low-carbon energy solution for industries that are challenging to decarbonize, has been a driving force behind this project. These industries include heavy-duty transportation, heavy manufacturing sectors like steel, cement, aluminum, and chemicals, stationary power generation, and aviation. Additionally, supportive hydrogen policies in Europe and the US have enhanced the economic viability of green hydrogen.

Remarkably, Plug Power completed the plant in just 18 months, a timeline more than twice as fast as the typical three-year industry standard for building hydrogen plants. Its strategic location near major highways I-95 and I-10 provides easy access to commercial and industrial hubs across the US, including key customer sites.

Beyond Georgia, Plug Power has been operating a pilot gaseous hydrogen plant using its 5MW electrolyzer platform and is actively expanding its footprint with additional plants in Louisiana, New York, and Texas. These efforts underscore the company’s commitment to leading the green hydrogen revolution in the United States.

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