Power to Hydrogen Sets Milestone with World's Largest AEM Electrolyzer at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Power to Hydrogen Sets Milestone with World’s Largest AEM Electrolyzer at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

This week marks a significant advancement in green h2 technology as Power to Hydrogen, in collaboration with the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, announced the installation of the world’s largest Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyzer stack in a commercial setting. This pioneering initiative is set within the NextGen Demo, part of the NextGen District strategically located in the bustling industrial heart of the Antwerp port.

Power to Hydrogen will be among the initial concessionaires at NextGen Demo, an innovation hub dedicated to scaling up technologies and circular economy projects from the lab to industrial reality. The installation of this groundbreaking AEM electrolyzer is planned for the fourth quarter of 2024, supported by leading global utilities as part of the Free Electrons utility innovation program.

Additionally, TripleW, another innovator at the NextGen Demo, is scaling an industrial process to create lactic acid entirely from food waste—a valuable raw material for producing biodegradable plastics and biochemicals. This project, also set to commence in late 2024, aims to demonstrate the technology’s scalability and versatility across different food waste streams and products.

The NextGen District spans 88 hectares, with NextGen Demo occupying about 2 hectares. This zone is designed to attract startups, spin-offs, and pilot projects, offering them a real-world industrial environment to test and refine their technologies before full commercial deployment.

The synergy within NextGen District is evident as it draws global pioneers such as Plug, which invests in a green hydrogen factory; Bolder Industries, PureCycle, and Triple Helix, focusing on recycling initiatives; and Ekopak, which promotes circular water use. This collective of innovators supports the Port of Antwerp-Bruges’ mission to transition towards a climate-neutral society, demonstrating the port’s role as a catalyst for sustainable innovation in raw materials and energy.

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