Provaris and Uniper Partner to Explore Green Hydrogen Transport to Germany, Advancing Decarbonisation Efforts

Provaris, an Australian Stock Exchange-listed pioneer in hydrogen technology, has recently signed a 12-month memorandum of understanding (MOU) with European energy giant Uniper. The purpose of this partnership is to explore the potential of transporting green hydrogen to Germany, a country actively seeking sustainable energy solutions to achieve its decarbonisation targets.

Exploring Provaris’ H2Neo Carriers for Green Hydrogen Transport
This collaboration will utilize Provaris’ cutting-edge H2Neo carriers, designed specifically for compressed hydrogen transport. Uniper will thoroughly evaluate the technical, operational, and economic aspects of Provaris’ hydrogen supply chain solutions. This evaluation is key to determining their effectiveness in supporting Germany’s energy transition initiatives.

Uniper’s Diverse Hydrogen Strategy
Uniper’s strategy extends beyond a single aspect of the hydrogen sector. As a major player in power generation, Uniper is exploring various hydrogen-related avenues, including production, trading, transportation, storage, and distribution. This wide-ranging strategy reflects Uniper’s commitment to fully realizing hydrogen’s role as a clean energy vector.

Fostering Regional Hydrogen Supply Chains
Martin Carolan, Managing Director and CEO of Provaris, emphasized the importance of developing regional hydrogen supply chains. He believes that offering Germany a variety of hydrogen import routes is essential for its energy transition goals. The Uniper-Provaris partnership could become a model for other countries striving to decarbonize their energy sectors and transition to sustainable energy practices.

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