Spain’s Enagas-Led Green Hydrogen Ventures Secure Consideration for EU Funding

Spain’s Enagas, a prominent gas grid operator, has revealed that two of its renewable hydrogen initiatives have been included in the European Commission’s Projects of Common Interest (PCI) list. This recognition positions these projects, overseen in part by Enagas, to potentially benefit from streamlined permitting procedures and subsidies.

Enagas, traditionally a natural gas grid operator, is strategically transitioning to manage an extensive network of hydrogen infrastructure, aligning with Spain and Europe’s broader energy transition objectives.

The PCI list encompasses the H2Med corridor, a visionary multibillion-euro “green” hydrogen pipeline set to link the Iberian Peninsula to France and subsequently to Central Europe by 2030. Additionally, it includes Enagas’ proposed hydrogen trunk network in Spain and two associated storage facilities.

Being part of the PCI list is a significant step towards fulfilling the RePowerEU Plan, contributing to the European and Spanish goals of energy independence, industrial competitiveness, and decarbonization, as noted by Enagas.

While the PCI list awaits final approval from the European Parliament and EU Council in early 2024, Enagas anticipates that this recognition will propel progress in these projects.

Enagas Chief Executive, Arturo Gonzalo, highlighted in July that EU funds could potentially cover 30-50% of the project costs. Notably, the European Union is expected to offer more substantial support to international projects compared to national infrastructure, although the latter remains eligible for funding, albeit possibly at a reduced share.

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