Sweden’s First Public Hydrogen Fuel Station Powered by Locally Produced Green Hydrogen

On 1st of September, Maria Arnholm, the Governor of Kronoberg County, inaugurated Sweden’s first public hydrogen fuel station powered by locally produced green hydrogen derived from wind energy. This cutting-edge facility is located in Älghult, a town in the Uppvidinge municipality in Småland. The inauguration event, attended by over 200 hydrogen pioneers, including representatives from Volvo Trucks, took place in collaboration with Metacon and Uppvidinge Hydrogen.

Fueling Innovation and Sustainability

Metacon’s goal in this project has been to drive innovation and cater to the needs of the growing hydrogen community. The inauguration in Älghult marks the beginning of continued investments in hydrogen infrastructure for both personal and freight transportation. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the innovative efforts and strong commitment of Metacon and its partners towards a fossil-free transportation sector and future.

Christer Wikner, CEO of Metacon, expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking facility, stating, “I am extremely pleased and proud that we have now constructed and inaugurated this pioneering facility, honored by the presence of visitors, including the Governor and leading vehicle manufacturers with hydrogen-powered vehicles like Volvo Trucks and Toyota. This is just the beginning of an exciting and vital growth in the hydrogen market. From what we’ve heard from the visitors today, it seems likely that we will be involved in many upcoming projects in Sweden and abroad.”

A Concrete Step Towards Fossil Fuel Reduction

This project represents a significant and tangible step towards reducing the use of fossil fuels on a larger scale. The Älghult fuel station now offers refueling services for green hydrogen for both heavy-duty transportation and passenger vehicles.

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Niclas Johnson, Sales Manager for Volvo Trucks Sweden, commented on the importance of hydrogen infrastructure for heavy vehicles, saying, “Fuel cell electric trucks will be suitable for long distances where charging infrastructure is lacking or where charging time is a limitation, as a complement to battery electric trucks, and this will be realized during the second half of this decade. Hydrogen refueling infrastructure is needed for heavy-duty vehicles, and we at Volvo Trucks are very pleased with Metacon’s and Uppvidinge Hydrogen’s commitment here in Småland. They are pioneers, and we are proud to be a part of inaugurating this investment in sustainable transport.”

Unique Features of the Fuel Station

What sets this fuel station apart is twofold: Firstly, the hydrogen is produced on-site through an electrolyzer located in close proximity to the station. Secondly, the electrolyzer is powered by electricity generated from a nearby wind turbine. This approach makes Uppvidinge Hydrogen completely self-sufficient, eliminating the need to purchase and transport hydrogen from external suppliers. As a result, both trucks, buses, and passenger vehicles can now refuel with green hydrogen in Älghult without adding a burden to Sweden’s electrical grid.

The inauguration event was graced by the presence of Maria Arnholm, the Governor of Kronoberg County, who cut the ribbon and officially opened the facility in front of more than 200 enthusiastic attendees. Visitors had the opportunity to tour the facility and attend a seminar on various hydrogen initiatives underway in Sweden.

The seminar featured speakers such as Björn Aronsson, CEO of Hydrogen Sweden, Niclas Johnson, Sales Manager for Volvo Trucks Sweden, Fredrik Wigelius, Sales Manager for Toyota Sweden, and Magnus Sahlin, CEO of Trelleborgs Energy. They shared insights into the future, needs, and potential of hydrogen as a crucial future climate-neutral vehicle fuel. The shared passion and enthusiasm for hydrogen as a key to eco-friendly transportation reflected the participants’ collective determination to make a difference for the environment and future societies.

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