The Push for Renewable Energy Source Will Be Centered on Green H2 In 2022

The Push for Renewable Energy Source Will Be Centered on Green H2 In 2022

As the world ushers in the New Year 2022, there is hope that the transition into a new renewable clean energy source will get to a new level altogether. One of the goals that more than 100 countries have set and agreed to pool their resources together towards its achievement is to see that the global average temperature is capped at 1.5°C. That was one of the resolutions that were arrived at during the 2021 COP26 UN Climate Change Conference that was held in Glasgow. But that’s not all! It is expected that the area of focus will be green H2 technologies that can help cut the cost of production and also solve the challenges associated with the transportation and storage of green hydrogen.

To counter the ever-increasing and negative effect of the release of carbon into the atmosphere, a lot is expected to happen. While energy production projects will be diverse, most of them will revolve around renewable energy. Solar energy is expected to remain one of the greatest options and there will be a preference for efficient and effective alternatives to fossil fuels. New technologies that integrate the use of solar energy to produce green H2 will be given more attention to help curb global warming. An advanced type of technology will also take the centre stage to help change the energy sector and hopefully get closer to the zero-emission goal.

While a lot is expected to happen, major projects related to renewable energy will revolve around green hydrogen, distributed energy storage systems, wind energy, and hydropower. There will also be great advancements in areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, and grid integration and others will be deployed to help in decision making and related areas. All these will be pushed by the desire to come up with technologies that will make it easy to produce, distribute and store clean and renewable energy. Most projects related to sustainability are already ongoing and more are expected to be launched and executed over the coming year (s).

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Advancements in batteries and battery-less solutions have also been identified as some of the game changers that projects will focus on. It is expected that such technologies will aid in the management of energy. The area of interest is how to ease things from the point of generation to storage since that’s where most challenges are currently. When it comes to integration, the focus will majorly be the vehicle to grid solutions. That will be done to specifically help in stabilizing the grid, especially at peak hours. The major role of the blockchain will be to help in conducting transactions in the energy sector without the usual challenges related to such payments.

Overall, the push for the realization of zero emissions will be aimed at pushing major developments related to green H2. Whether there will be breakthroughs or not will majorly depend on the success of the many projects currently underway in different parts of the world. Many reports released over the last one year point to the possibility of major technologies emerging to help solve the problems associated with the production, transport, and use of green H2 as a clean alternative to carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

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