Yara and Acme Seal Milestone Deal for Hydrogen-Derived Green Ammonia Supply

Yara and Acme Seal Milestone Deal for Hydrogen-Derived Green Ammonia Supply

Yara, a Norwegian leader in crop nutrition and a pivotal figure in global ammonia trading, has sealed a groundbreaking agreement with GHC SAOC, a subsidiary of India’s Acme Cleantech Solutions, for the long-term supply of low-carbon ammonia. This deal, culminating from 18 months of detailed negotiations amid evolving regulatory and certification landscapes, marks a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture and energy sectors.

Under this definitive contract, Acme commits to supplying Yara with 100,000 tons of renewable ammonia annually, initiating what is potentially the largest and first renewable ammonia agreement of its kind globally. This initiative, expected to commence in 2027 from Acme’s Phase-1 project in Oman, aims to cut down up to 5.0 million tons of CO2 equivalents in GHG emissions throughout its lifecycle, aligning with stringent EU renewable energy standards.

Magnus Ankarstrand, President of Yara Clean Ammonia, emphasized the deal’s role in advancing the hydrogen economy and establishing a robust, green ammonia supply chain across various sectors, reflecting the essence of collaborative innovation in emission reduction.

Ashwani Dudeja, Director of the ACME Group, highlighted the agreement’s pioneering nature, positioning Acme as a forerunner in green ammonia production on a global scale, supported by Oman’s advantageous renewable energy landscape and strategic location.

The partnership between Yara and Acme underscores a shared commitment to propelling the adoption of green hydrogen and its derivatives, leveraging Oman’s potential as a production hub for green ammonia. With Yara’s extensive experience in ammonia logistics and Acme’s ambitious green ammonia project in Oman, this collaboration paves the way for significant progress in decarbonizing various industries, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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About Yara:
Yara, founded in 1905, is dedicated to solving global agricultural and environmental challenges. With a focus on sustainable crop nutrition and pioneering zero-emission energy solutions, Yara is committed to feeding the world responsibly and supporting a climate-friendly transition in agriculture and industry. Employing around 17,000 staff across 60 countries, Yara combines digital innovation with deep industry expertise to foster a more sustainable food value chain and promote the hydrogen economy.

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