Axpo and Infinite Green Energy to Launch Major Green Hydrogen Initiative in Italy’s ‘Hydrogen Valley

Axpo and Infinite Green Energy to Launch Major Green Hydrogen Initiative in Italy’s ‘Hydrogen Valley

Today marks a significant advancement in the green energy sector as Axpo, a leading energy company, announces its collaboration with Infinite Green Energy (IGE) on a groundbreaking green hydrogen project in Italy’s Abruzzo region. Utilizing existing facilities in Corfinio, the partnership aims to produce up to 12 tonnes of hydrogen daily with a 30MW electrolyser, powered by a dedicated 45MWp solar plant. This initiative positions the Valle Peligna Hydrogen Project as one of Italy’s most substantial hydrogen production ventures, targeting decarbonization efforts in industrial and transportation sectors traditionally challenging to transition away from fossil fuels.

Under a Joint Development Agreement (JDA), Axpo and IGE outline their commitment to the strategic design, investment, and development of this commercial-scale facility. Set to supply green hydrogen and electricity, the project stands as a pivotal move towards cleaner energy sources for local industries and the transportation sector, with operations expected to power the local grid by the second half of 2025.

Guy Bühler, Axpo’s Head of Hydrogen, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing green hydrogen’s critical role in facilitating a swift energy transition and aligning with Axpo’s strategy to create opportunities for sustainable development. IGE CEO Stephen Gauld highlighted the partnership’s potential to bolster shareholder and partner confidence, underpinning IGE’s dedication to combating climate change and fostering economic growth through job creation in green energy sectors.

The Valle Peligna Hydrogen Project not only promises significant CO2 emissions reductions—estimated at 67,000 tonnes annually—but also supports the shift from natural gas to hydrogen in manufacturing processes, exemplified by an initial agreement with Etex, a leading gypsum product supplier in Europe.

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Dubbed ‘Hydrogen Valley’ by local authorities, the project area could see further expansions, including a hydrogen refueling station and alignment with the European Union’s Trans-European Transport Network goals for hydrogen station availability. With the potential to displace approximately 18 million litres of diesel fuel annually through its 4,200 tonnes of hydrogen production, the Valle Peligna initiative is poised to become a beacon of green hydrogen development in Italy and beyond.

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