Honeywell Partners with TGS for Vietnam’s Pioneer Green Hydrogen Plant in Mekong Delta

Honeywell Partners with TGS for Vietnam’s Pioneer Green Hydrogen Plant in Mekong Delta

Honeywell has entered into a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Green Solutions Group Corporation (TGS) to collaborate on developing the Tra Vinh Green Hydrogen project, marking the inception of Vietnam’s first green hydrogen plant in the Mekong Delta region. This groundbreaking initiative was officially announced during the COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in November 2023, in the presence of Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh.

Leveraging its advanced technology solutions, including project automation design and management, as well as energy management systems for the energy transition, Honeywell is set to equip TGS with the capability to harness renewable energy sources effectively for the green hydrogen plant. A critical component of this initiative is Honeywell’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), designed to reduce costs and carbon emissions while ensuring grid stability from renewable power sources, thus facilitating the efficient production of green hydrogen in Tra Vinh.

Ramanathan Valliyappan, Regional General Manager of Honeywell Process Solutions, emphasized the pivotal role of Honeywell’s BESS in the project. “Our battery energy storage system will enable TGS’s solar and wind farms to produce energy continuously, regardless of sunlight or wind conditions, significantly enhancing the plant’s green hydrogen production capabilities,” Valliyappan stated.

Furthermore, Honeywell plans to offer comprehensive solutions and expertise across the hydrogen value chain, assisting TGS in operating the plant safely, profitably, and in alignment with its renewable energy production objectives.

Huynh Thi Kim Quyen, Managing Director of TGS, expressed optimism about the collaboration, highlighting its significance in achieving Vietnam’s decarbonization ambitions. “The Tra Vinh Green Hydrogen Project stands as a testament to our commitment to transforming the energy sector with renewable solutions, steering Vietnam towards a more sustainable future,” Quyen remarked.

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Vietnam’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 underscores the importance of projects like the Tra Vinh Green Hydrogen plant, especially given the country’s vulnerability to climate change impacts and its abundant solar and wind resources in the Mekong Delta.

Honeywell’s pledge to reach carbon neutrality in its operations by 2035 reflects its long-standing dedication to environmental sustainability and innovation. With a significant portion of its 2022 research and development investments focused on ESG-oriented outcomes, Honeywell continues to support its customers in meeting their environmental and social objectives, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world.




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