Ballard Power Systems Secures Record-Breaking Order from Solaris for 1,000 Hydrogen Engines

Ballard Power Systems Secures Record-Breaking Order from Solaris for 1,000 Hydrogen Engines

Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ:BLDP; TSX:BLDP), a pioneer in the fuel cell industry, has entered into a historic Long Term Supply Agreement (LTSA) with Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o., a leading European manufacturer of buses, to supply 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell engines by 2027 for the transit bus market across Europe. This monumental order, encompassing both current commitments and an additional agreement for around 700 more engines, marks the most significant transaction in Ballard’s history, demonstrating the deepening partnership between Ballard and Solaris.

Comprising mainly the FCmove®-HD 70 kW engines, with a mix of FCmove®-HD+ 100 kW variants, these units are designed to power both standard and articulated buses, reinforcing the shift towards zero-emission public transport across over 22 European cities. As urban centers move decisively to cut carbon emissions and embrace sustainable transport solutions, Ballard’s hydrogen fuel cells present a compelling option by offering zero emissions, quick refueling times, and extensive range without compromising performance.

Randy MacEwen, President and CEO of Ballard, highlighted the agreement as a significant step towards widespread adoption of fuel cell buses in Europe, leveraging over a decade of collaboration with Solaris to offer durable, competitive, and zero-emission public transport solutions. This collaboration aims to scale the deployment of fuel cell buses, improving cost efficiency and reducing emissions for fleet operators.

Javier Iriarte, CEO of Solaris, expressed enthusiasm for continuing the partnership with Ballard, emphasizing Solaris’ role as a frontrunner in integrating hydrogen technology into public transport. With nearly 200 hydrogen buses already delivered and over 500 on order for the coming years, Solaris is set to significantly impact the European hydrogen fuel cell bus market.

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