Shell Endorses Verdagy’s Advanced Electrolyzers for Green Hydrogen Projects

Shell Endorses Verdagy’s Advanced Electrolyzers for Green Hydrogen Projects

Verdagy, a leader in renewable hydrogen electrolysis technology, has achieved a significant milestone as Shell has technically endorsed its eDynamic® electrolyzers, marking Verdagy’s qualification as a supplier for Shell’s future green hydrogen initiatives. Following a comprehensive safety review (HAZOP) and a meticulous Design and Technology Development Review, Verdagy’s technology has been recognized for its dynamic and cost-competitive nature, suitable for large-scale infrastructure projects.

Andrew Beard, Shell’s Vice President of Hydrogen, expressed satisfaction with the evaluation outcomes and anticipates continued collaboration with Verdagy. Shell’s technical assessments of Verdagy’s 20 MW eDynamic Electrolysis system scrutinized the electrolyzers’ operation, performance, stability, and safety, underscoring the system’s suitability for large-scale renewable hydrogen production.

Marty Neese, CEO of Verdagy, celebrated the year-long successful partnership with Shell and looks forward to broader industry adoption of their state-of-the-art electrolyzers. Verdagy is pioneering in reducing the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) through innovative technology that boasts high current densities, industry-leading operating range, and rapid response rates, facilitating efficient integration with renewable energy sources.

Verdagy is on track to meet the US Department of Energy’s target of achieving $2/kg of levelized cost for renewable hydrogen by 2026. The company’s commitment to sustainable hydrogen production has been further supported by a $39.6M grant from the Department of Energy, aimed at boosting the high-volume manufacture of its Advanced Alkaline Water Electrolysis eDynamic electrolyzers. With its headquarters in Silicon Valley and R&D facilities in Moss Landing, California, Verdagy is at the forefront of transforming the renewable hydrogen landscape.

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