Canada Infrastructure Bank and HTEC Forge Partnership to Boost Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure

Canada Infrastructure Bank and HTEC Forge Partnership to Boost Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure

The Canada Infrastructure of Bank (CIB) has partnered with HTEC, a Vancouver-based leader in green hydrogen supply solutions, to accelerate the development of hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure across British Columbia and Alberta. This collaboration, which also involves support from the governments of British Columbia and Canada, was announced today with representatives from all parties present.

The CIB will provide a substantial loan of $337 million to enhance and expedite HTEC’s operations. This funding will significantly advance HTEC’s H2 Gateway initiative—a comprehensive, sustainable fuel supply chain designed to lower emissions in the transportation sector.

HTEC’s ambitious plan includes constructing and managing an interprovincial network of up to 20 hydrogen refueling stations that will support fuel cell vehicles and promote cleaner transportation alternatives. Additionally, three new hydrogen production facilities will be established in Burnaby, Nanaimo, and Prince George, alongside a North Vancouver facility that will liquefy 15 tonnes per day of vented by-product hydrogen.

The initiative is set to generate over 280 full-time jobs for the construction, operation, and maintenance of this extensive hydrogen infrastructure. Furthermore, 14 of the 20 new stations will cater to the refueling needs of up to 300 heavy-duty vehicles daily, making a significant impact on the commercial trucking industry by offering rapid refueling capabilities and long travel ranges for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Once operational, this project is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector by about 133,000 tonnes annually. The H2 Gateway program, valued at an estimated $900 million, aims to create hydrogen transportation ecosystems and foster the adoption of hydrogen as a regional transportation fuel.

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This strategic financing from the CIB is designed to quicken the implementation of hydrogen technologies and alleviate the uncertainties that often hinder private investment in sustainable fuel production and infrastructure. This partnership marks the third investment under the CIB’s Charging and Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure (CHRI) initiative, which supports the private sector’s expansion of large-scale charging and hydrogen refueling facilities.

The investment is a continuation of the support HTEC has received from various Canadian programs aimed at advancing clean transportation, including financial backing from PacifiCan’s Business Scale-up and Productivity program and Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

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