Genevos Unveils Next-Generation Marine Fuel Cell for Sustainable Shipping

Genevos, a pioneer in hydrogen fuel cell technology for the maritime industry, has announced the launch of its advanced marine fuel cell, the HPM-250. This release marks a significant step in Genevos’s strategic development, driven by the growing accessibility of green hydrogen, stricter emissions regulations, and increased environmental concerns about underwater noise affecting marine life.

The HPM-250, a 250 kW power system, is designed to meet the demands of the maritime sector, including cargo ships, offshore workboats, and coastal ferries, which require energy-intensive and prolonged offshore operations. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Genevos has developed this plug-and-play solution to simplify integration for shipbuilders and OEMs while ensuring safety and compliance with marine certification standards.

Awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) by Bureau Veritas (BV), the HPM-250 is on track for Type Approval in 2025. This modular system offers high scalability and redundancy, operates without vibration, and meets zero-emission standards, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing the lifespan of maritime vessels.

As a key player in various flagship projects, Genevos’s new marine fuel cell system demonstrates how hydrogen technology can mitigate the environmental footprint of commercial maritime operations. The HPM-250 is well-positioned to support the transition to low-carbon fuel options in the sector, particularly as large-scale green hydrogen production is expected to ramp up from 2025, improving hydrogen availability at major ports.

The HPM-250 not only meets emission reduction targets but also provides a scalable solution that is adaptable for long-range and deep-sea applications. It is compatible with methanol and other e-fuel reformers, which can produce purified hydrogen gas, offering efficient power conversion that surpasses traditional combustion methods.

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Phil Sharp, CTO and cofounder of Genevos, stated, “The launch of this high-power, next-generation fuel cell is crucial for our roadmap in advancing clean hydrogen propulsion across commercial and leisure vessels. Following the successful implementation of our 40 kW and 80 kW modules, the HPM-250 will play a pivotal role in promoting high-power, zero-emission vessels to significantly reduce the maritime sector’s environmental impact.”

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