Ceres and Shell Advance Green Hydrogen Technology with New Contract

Ceres and Shell Advance Green Hydrogen Technology with New Contract

Ceres has secured a new contract with Shell to design a 10MW pressurized solid oxide electrolyser (SOEC) module, enhancing the production of green hydrogen at an efficiency rate of 36kWh/kg. This contract is a continuation of the partnership between Ceres and Shell, which began with the successful deployment of a 1MW SOEC system at Shell’s R&D facility in Bangalore, India.

This new phase of collaboration focuses on the design of an SOEC module suited for large-scale industrial uses including the production of synthetic fuels, ammonia, and green steel. The agreement leverages insights gained from the ongoing demonstration project in Bangalore, aiming to create a commercially viable and scalable solution.

The SOEC technology central to this project is noted for its significant efficiency gains, producing approximately 35% more hydrogen per unit of electrical energy than conventional methods, especially when integrated with heat recovery from industrial processes. The project will explore pressurized systems to enhance efficiency and performance further, with an aim to achieve module-level efficiency below 36kWh/kg of hydrogen, aligning with the EU’s 2030 targets for solid oxide electrolysis.

Phil Caldwell, CEO of Ceres, commented on the partnership: “Our ongoing strategic collaboration with Shell continues to yield valuable insights that position Ceres’ SOEC technology effectively for the evolving green hydrogen and synthetic fuels markets. Leveraging Ceres’ industry-leading technology, we remain committed to innovation, driving our commercial offerings to stay at the forefront in terms of simplicity, efficiency, and performance.”

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