Vattenfall Explores Hydrogen Production Opportunities in Porsi, Sweden

Vattenfall Explores Hydrogen Production Opportunities in Porsi, Sweden

Vattenfall has submitted a preliminary planning application to the Jokkmokk municipality in Sweden to explore the possibilities of establishing a hydrogen factory and storage facility in Porsi. This early-stage administrative action is part of a broader evaluation by Vattenfall of potential sites across the region of Norrbotten for the production of green hydrogen.

Recognizing the crucial role of fossil-free hydrogen in the future energy landscape and the shift towards a fossil-free industry, Vattenfall is keen to support the growing demand for clean electricity and hydrogen in Norrbotten.

Mikael Nordlander, Head of Industry Cooperation Development at Vattenfall, stated, “We are in the preliminary stages of assessing various options for hydrogen production and storage. Jokkmokk, particularly the strategically located site in Porsi near the Lule River, presents an appealing option due to its excellent access to water and electricity, essential for hydrogen production. The industrial sector in Norrbotten is in need of large volumes of hydrogen for its transition, and we are now examining the conditions to contribute to this development.”

The Jokkmokk municipality has initially responded positively to Vattenfall’s planning application, with ongoing dialogues with several other municipalities and stakeholders in Norrbotten.

Roland Boman, Chair of the Jokkmokk Municipal Executive Board, expressed enthusiasm about the potential collaboration: “Jokkmokk Municipality looks forward to working with Vattenfall to investigate the potential for this crucial future energy sector. This initiative not only strengthens Vattenfall but also reinforces Jokkmokk’s position as a leading energy hub in the region.”

The rising demand for hydrogen is driving the need for more sources of fossil-free electricity. In the short term, land-based wind power is the energy source poised to meet this increasing requirement, with potential long-term contributions from offshore wind and nuclear power as well.

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