France Calls for Nuclear-Produced Hydrogen to Be Labeled as “Green”

France has reiterated its request for hydrogen generated using nuclear power to be classified as “green”, sparking a fresh disagreement with Germany regarding nuclear energy’s role in Europe’s energy strategies. Speaking in Berlin, French Ambassador to Germany François Delattre emphasized that equal treatment between renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is vital for the development of the hydrogen market. France believes that low-carbon electricity for hydrogen production, including nuclear power, should be acknowledged as “green”. Presently, discussions are ongoing among EU member states regarding regulations that will determine whether hydrogen produced with nuclear power can be designated as “green h2“. This is a recurring point of contention between France and Germany, as France relies on nuclear energy for roughly 70% of its electricity, while Germany has phased out its nuclear reactors.

Germany’s Commitment to Hydrogen and the H2Med Project

Germany is actively pursuing hydrogen as a means to reduce its reliance on natural gas and decarbonize industrial processes. In January, Germany joined the H2Med project, which centers around a major undersea pipeline connecting the Spanish port of Barcelona to Marseille in France. The pipeline, scheduled for completion by 2030, is projected to have an annual capacity of two million tons, accounting for around 10% of Europe’s hydrogen consumption. Although the project has faced some challenges, there is confidence that progress will continue at a satisfactory pace.

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