India and Saudi Arabia Collaborate on Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Electrical Interconnections

India and Saudi Arabia have entered into an agreement to jointly develop electrical interconnections and low-carbon hydrogen technologies. The collaboration aims to establish a general framework for cooperation in the co-production of green/clean hydrogen and renewable energy.

Saudi Aramco and Topsoe to Demonstrate Blue Hydrogen Technology

Saudi Aramco, in partnership with Denmark’s Topsoe, is set to demonstrate eREACT™ technology for blue hydrogen production. A demonstration plant will be constructed at the Shaybah Natural Gas Liquids recovery facility in Saudi Arabia, showcasing advancements in blue hydrogen technology.

Saudi Arabia Railways to Operate World’s First Passenger Hydrogen Train

Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) is poised to operate and demonstrate the world’s inaugural passenger hydrogen-powered train, the Coradia iLint, in Riyadh during October. French train manufacturer Alstom will oversee this unique journey, with the train traveling on Riyadh’s East Network’s Line 1 or Line 2.

Masdar and Boeing Partner to Advance Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Masdar has joined forces with Boeing to advance the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry in the United Arab Emirates and globally. SAF, produced from sources like green hydrogen, can reduce carbon emissions by up to 85% compared to conventional petroleum jet fuel.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency Launches Hydrogen Headstart Program

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has unveiled its Hydrogen Headstart program, supporting large-scale hydrogen projects over a decade. Expressions of Interest for the program are open until November 10, 2023, aiming to provide certainty and promote hydrogen projects in Australia amidst global market competition.

Repsol Initiates 2.5 MW Electrolyzer for Renewable Hydrogen

Repsol has started the operation of its 2.5 MW electrolyzer at the Petronor industrial center in Spain, supplying renewable hydrogen for various applications, including industrial use, buses, and heavy vehicles.

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Thyssenkrupp Nucera and Neste to Implement 120 MW Electrolyzer at Porvoo Refinery

Thyssenkrupp Nucera and Neste have announced plans to incorporate a 120 MW water electrolyzer at Neste’s Porvoo refinery in Finland, emphasizing advancements in renewable hydrogen production.

Ingeteam Commences Production of Power Converters for Electrolysis

Ingeteam has commenced the manufacturing of power converters for electrolysis systems, supplying green hydrogen production plants in Germany and Spain.

RINA Launches the Hydra Project for Decarbonizing Steelmaking

RINA has initiated the Hydra project, a strategic effort to decarbonize steel production through innovative hydrogen-related technologies.

Pexapark Introduces Green Fuel Prices for Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia

Pexapark has introduced Green Fuel Prices, offering daily marginal-cost reference prices for renewable hydrogen and ammonia. These prices are based on input costs from renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs) and production risk profiles for green fuels, facilitating market transparency.

Longi Hydrogen to Supply Electrolyzers for Three Gorges Group’s Hydrogen Project

Longi Hydrogen will provide four sets of 1,000Nm³/h alkaline electrolyzers for Three Gorges Group’s photovoltaic-hydrogen production project in Inner Mongolia. This initiative will produce green hydrogen for various sectors.

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