GASCADE and HH2E Collaborate for Green Hydrogen Grid Connection in Lubmin, Germany

GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, a German gas network operator, has recently finalized a grid connection agreement with HH2E AG for a pioneering green hydrogen project in Lubmin, located on Germany’s Baltic Sea coast. This agreement marks a significant step in integrating green hydrogen into the natural gas network.

Set to commence operations by the end of 2025, HH2E’s Lubmin facility, situated in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, will be linked to the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL Lines 1 and 2). Initially, these lines will transport a mix of natural gas and hydrogen.

This week, HH2E announced the completion of a year-long joint technical planning phase leading to the grid connection agreement.

The project is a key component of the “Flow – making hydrogen happen” pipeline initiative, which aims to establish a hydrogen transport link from the Baltic Sea coast to southern Germany. The first segment of this project is scheduled for launch in 2025. Around 480 kilometers of a long-distance gas pipeline, extending from Lubmin to the Czech Republic border in the eastern region, will be repurposed to transport hydrogen, replacing natural gas.

Furthermore, the “Flow – making hydrogen happen” project is integrated into Germany’s draft hydrogen core network.

In the initial phase at Lubmin, HH2E is planning to produce approximately 6,000 tonnes of green hydrogen yearly. This is part of a larger complex that is expected to expand to over 1 GW of capacity by 2030, ultimately generating more than 60,000 tonnes of hydrogen annually. Berlin-based HH2E is aiming to establish a total of 4 GW of green hydrogen production capacity throughout Germany by the end of the decade.

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