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Mitsubishi and Eneco to Build World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant in the Netherlands with $690 Million Investment

Mitsubishi Corporation is gearing up for a landmark venture, investing a substantial $690 million to develop the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in the Netherlands. In partnership with Eneco, a leading Dutch renewable energy company, Mitsubishi is forming the joint venture Eneco Diamond Hydrogen. This venture is tasked with constructing and operating this groundbreaking hydrogen production facility. The construction is expected to start in 2026, with the plant operational by 2029, utilizing the renewable energy from Eneco’s wind farms.

Eneco, boasting an installed capacity of nearly 7.4 gigawatts (GW), will use this to produce a remarkable 80,000 tonnes of green hydrogen each year. This scale of production is unprecedented and aims to take advantage of economies of scale to reduce the cost of green hydrogen, which is currently about three times more expensive than hydrogen produced using traditional fossil fuel-based methods.

The collaboration between Mitsubishi and Eneco is set to tackle the cost challenges by adopting innovative and efficient operational methods in the hydrogen plant’s development and management.

The hydrogen generated will be distributed through Eneco’s extensive electricity sales network and dedicated pipelines, ensuring effective delivery to various end-users. This strategy highlights the commitment to facilitating the widespread use of green hydrogen.

The Netherlands, known for its commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices, is the ideal setting for this ambitious project. The partnership marries Mitsubishi’s industrial prowess with Eneco’s expertise in renewable energy.

The project’s timeline is set out with care: construction beginning in 2026 and hydrogen production by 2029. This phased approach is designed for careful planning and effective implementation, aiming to successfully establish the world’s largest green hydrogen facility.

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This venture goes beyond sheer scale; it’s a critical move towards making green hydrogen a competitive and viable energy source. The significant investment by Mitsubishi and Eneco reflects their belief in green hydrogen’s role in transforming the global energy sector.

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainable, low-carbon energy solutions, projects like this are pivotal in shifting towards a greener future. The Mitsubishi-Eneco partnership, through Eneco Diamond Hydrogen, is set to make a significant impact on the renewable energy industry, creating new standards in green hydrogen production and contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts.

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