Plug Power Achieves Breakthrough in Green Hydrogen Milestone at Amazon Fulfilment Center

In a significant stride toward the green hydrogen economy, Plug Power, a global provider of extensive hydrogen solutions, has successfully installed and commissioned a one-megawatt (MW) proton exchange membrane electrolyzer at an Amazon fulfilment centre in Aurora, Colorado.

This electrolyzer, known as ‘Plug 1MW,’ marks Amazon’s initial venture into this technology, generating low-carbon hydrogen to power more than 225 hydrogen fuel cell-driven forklift trucks at the ‘DEN8’ facility. With the capacity to produce enough hydrogen for up to 400 forklift trucks, the system utilizes electricity and water inputs, compressing and storing the hydrogen onsite for immediate use.

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, emphasized the collaboration’s importance, stating, “In Amazon, we have a true partner that recognizes the essential role hydrogen plays in our collective energy future. This project demonstrates Plug’s ability to execute across the full hydrogen value chain, and shows how we can design and implement end-to-end solutions for our customers.”

The partnership between Plug and Amazon has already seen the deployment of over 17,000 fuel cells, replacing traditional forklift batteries at more than 80 Amazon fulfilment centres in North America. Traditionally, the necessary hydrogen is produced offsite and transported in a liquefied state to the Amazon site. However, the recent installation showcases an innovative approach, utilizing surplus renewable electricity at the site for local hydrogen generation and storage. This model reduces the need for liquefaction and transportation, minimizing associated carbon emissions—ideal for locations where renewable energy consistently surpasses demand.

Asad Jafry, Director of Global Hydrogen Economy at Amazon, highlighted the strategic importance, stating, “Hydrogen is an important tool in our efforts to decarbonize our operations by 2040 in support of The Climate Pledge, and we’re excited about our ability to produce hydrogen at Amazon facilities through this partnership with Plug.”

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Plug’s comprehensive services, ranging from initial design to installation and ongoing maintenance, contributed to this landmark project. Notably, the PEM electrolyzer and integrated hydrogen storage system are fully compatible with existing refuelling infrastructure and fuel cells at the site, marking the first installation of its kind at an Amazon facility.

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