H2Carrier AS Submits Plans for Innovative Wind Farms in Finnmark for Green Hydrogen Production

H2Carrier AS Submits Plans for Innovative Wind Farms in Finnmark for Green Hydrogen Production

Norwegian firm H2Carrier AS has formally applied to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) to develop two expansive onshore wind farms in Finnmark county. This initiative aligns with the Norwegian government’s strategy to enhance energy and industrial production in the region by the deadline of April 22, 2024.

The proposed sites include the Oksefjorden wind farm located on the Skjøtningberg/Nordkyn peninsula across the municipalities of Lebesby and Gamvik, and the Rubbedalshøgda wind farm situated on the Varanger peninsula within the municipalities of Båtsfjord and Berlevåg. These projects are the result of a collaborative effort with the local municipalities, which have been duly informed of H2Carrier’s plans.

Collectively, the wind farms are expected to boast an installed capacity of 1.55GW, with an anticipated annual output of 6,356 GWh. This significant energy production is projected to support the manufacture of approximately 109,000 tons of green hydrogen and 610,000 tons of ammonia annually, contributing to 3.9% of Norway’s CO2 emission reduction targets by 2030.

Leveraging decades of expertise from offshore oil and gas production, H2Carrier aims to implement sustainable methods for green hydrogen and ammonia production using renewable energy generated onshore. The company plans to operate floating production facilities onboard ships moored near the shore, minimizing the environmental impact typically associated with onshore hydrogen/ammonia production.

The generated power will be processed locally, enhancing value creation for the host communities through job creation, increased public revenues, and numerous opportunities for regional businesses.

The submissions to the NVE mark the commencement of a thorough review process under the Energy Act, including planned hearings and impact assessments, which will precede any final approval for the wind farms.

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Mårten Lunde, CEO of H2Carrier AS, expressed enthusiasm about the projects, noting their design in close collaboration with local municipalities and the innovative use of floating production facilities to circumvent the limited grid capacity in Finnmark. This strategic approach ensures the projects’ viability without necessitating significant national grid expansions.

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